Ivy Art Deco Pencil Skirt

Cavanagh Baker Ivy Art Deco Pencil skirt

The Cavanagh Baker Ivy Art Deco Pencil Skirt was easily a fan favorite from the release.   Made from large Swarovski Crystals that have been hand placed and draped into an Art Deco inspired print on both front and back silk chiffon panels.  Sitting at the natural waist with a silk charmeuse waist band while the Swarovski Crystal panels gently hug the silhouette past the knee.


Cavanagh originally found this panel on her yearly sourcing trip to Paris back in 2019.  In Paris she meets with textile designers that creates the most unusual, unique textiles and panels that are made to order and never photographed for mass manufacturing. The textile designer also creates one of a kind panels and textiles for major fashion houses like Dries Van Noten and Balmain. Cavanagh fell in love with the large Swarovski Crystal detailing and classic Art Deco inspiration.  She ordered multiple panels to be made and had them shipped back to her Nashville atelier. 





Style Tip 

Pair with our Adee Bralet or a simple, silk blouse 



Cavanagh Baker Art Deco Skirt





With the clear Art Deco inspiration, Cavanagh originally started draping the panels on the mannequin as a dress - finding difficulty creating a dress silhouette that was not completely driven from 1920's flapper fashion.  She then put up the panels for a few weeks, frustrated with an unsatisfied design and worked on other items. 












A few weeks later, Cavanagh pulled the panels back out, determined not to let the panels go to waist and started playing again.  It was all clear - this fabric needed the most simplistic design and laid beautifully as a skirt.  The team then carefully cut the pencil skirt on the silk chiffon, as mistakes would make the custom panels unusable, and created the first sample.    The sample was an absolute success, reminding the team that the fabric more times than not decides the final design of the garment.  



Cavanagh Baker Ivy Art Deco Pencil SKirt

Our Ivy Art Deco Pencil Skirt is photographed with our Adee Silk Charmeuse Bralet, creating a timeless and classic outfit, that can worn for years to come.  
You can shop our Ivy Art Deco Pencil Skirt here, made to order, on our website, adding our Adee Silk Charmeuse Bralet with it, or pairing the skirt with a beautiful silk simple silk blouse.
Cavanagh Baker Crystal Skirt and bralet