Made in New York City

Material: Brocade

4-inch band

Fully lined

Above-knee length

Relaxed fit


About the Garment

The unpredictable weather of the fall and spring months means that versatility is incredibly important in choosing staples for the season. Garments that can transition between warm and cold days are classics you need to invest in order to look great and still get things done. Cavanagh Baker’s Hudson Trench Vest is perfect for busy days in the office as well as nights out with friends, with its sleek classic cut paired with an eye-catching, detailed brocade fabric. The Swarovski crystal buttons and the clean, classic silhouette are sure to make some statements.

The Hudson Trench Vest’s versatility not only makes it practical for transitional weathers but also elegantly simple to style. Fans of capsule wardrobes will love how the vest can be styled for a multitude of outfits to suit any event. The trench vest will look perfect over a long sleeve, turtleneck, or leggings, or you can wear it alone as a dress for a sleek and elegant look.


About the Fabric

One of Cavanagh Baker’s gorgeous designs, the garment features a rich brocade, an elegant plain weave fabric that gives the illusion of hand-stitched embroidery. Baker takes great care in searching for textiles for each garment. “When we are searching for textiles, we like to keep our eyes open for novelty one of a kind fabrics,” Baker says. “We tend to come across end runs, never being created again and left over from luxury designers runway collections that are so beautiful that we cannot pass them up.”

The brocade fabric is also paired with Swarovski crystal buttons four inches in diameter, a statement-making detail that adds even more simple decadence to the classic piece. Like all Swarovski crystal, the buttons are cut with supreme care to increase the crystal’s refraction index using a Swarovski patented process that gives the crystal a high-quality finish.


The Inspiration Behind the Design

This small detail adds a world of difference, along with the other intricacies the vest will surprise you with. At first glance, the trench vest may look like a simple cut influenced by centuries of sophisticated fashion, but closer inspection reveals more decadent details. Brocade itself is a complex material, often made with colored silks woven with gold and silver threads. The fabric usually comes in a variety of floral weaves, but the Hudson Trench Vest is created with a rare, sought-after material.

“This particular fabric was bought previously and waited for the right garment to come along that best fit its use, quality and design,” Baker says. “The metallic was an end run, never to be made again textile.  We were so in love with the textures and the color, we had never seen anything like it before.”